This is a sample of how the front of your card will be designed. Your logo will be included on the front of card. You may also include your team's sponsors on the front of card. Added benefit for your sponsors.

• Fastbreak V.I.P. Card is made out of the same material as a standard credit card.
• Fans redeem their FastBreak VIP Card on your team's, ABA's, or the Fastbreak VIP's website.
• Fans download digital content in the form of discounts, team photos, video clips, team anthem, coupon's and more.
• Build your database. Fans have to share their name and email address to redeem card.
• Your Team's Logo on the front of card, even add your sponsor's logo on the back of your team's card.
• Each set of cards are allocated 500 megabytes of storage in the Fastbreak Cloud Storage.
• FastBreak Staff designs your card or you can supply your own design.
• Cards are distributed in quantity of 100, 500, 1000, and 2500.

This is a sample of how the back of the card can be designed. The back of the card comes standard in Black and White or optional full color. Each card has a different unique code on the back for fans to download.